Reading List

Pacifica Then & Now, Kathleen Manning and Jerry Crow, 2010, Arcadia Publishing
Pacifica, Chris Hunter, Bill Drake, and the Pacifica Historical Society, 2002, Arcadia Publishing
Ocean Shore Railroad, Chris Hunter, 2004, Arcadia Publishing
Sam's Castle, Bridget Oates, 2011, Arcadia Publishing
A History of Pacifica Sharp Park, James E. Perlee
Shelter Cove The Early Years, Lenore Lafayette

From the article Lifeways of the Native Peoples of California of the San Francisco Peninsula and Bay Area by Shirley Drye
The Ohlone Way, Malcolm Margolin, 1978, Heyday Books
The Way We Lived, Malcom Margolin, 1981, Heyday Books
Whispers From the First Californians, G. Faber and M. Lasagna, 1980, Magpie Publications
The Natural World of the California Indians, Robert F. Heizer and Albert B. Elsasser
Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 8, California, William Smithsonian Institution, Washington
MAPOM Newsletters and Papers, Miwok Archaeological Preserve of Marin