Saturday, November 27, 1769
Gaspar de Portolá
Miguel Costansó
Fray Juan Crespi

We ascended the river about a league, and forded it at a place where its waters, before mixing with those of the sea, permitted the crossing. We directed our course to the southwest over a level country covered with thickets, without much pasture, with some clumps of small liveoaks. We rounded a fair-sized pond, passing over some sanddunes between it and the sea. We pitched our camp in sight of the Punta de Pinos, which, as we have said, had previously been examined. The watering-place was a small lake which was found to be muddy. There was pasture and fire-wood in abundance.

Here, when we came near the mountain range, we lost sight of the geese — a resource that had lasted up to this time. The day's march was five leagues.

To the Punta