Portola Expedition: Friday, November 10, 1769

San Francisquito Creek in Menlo Park
California Historical Landmark No. 2

Miguel Costansó

The scouts arrived at night, very downcast, convinced now that the port of Monterey could not be farther on, and undeceived in regard to the information of the natives, and their signs which at last they confessed were quite unintelligible. They said that the whole country which they had gone over to the northeast and north was impassable on account of the absence of pasture, which the natives had burned, and, more than all, because of the fierceness and evil disposition of these people, who received them very badly and tried to prevent them from going on. They stated that they had not seen any evidences whatever that might indicate the proximity of the port, and that there was another immense estuary to the northeast, which extended far inland; that it was connected with that of the southeast; and if they were to continue it would be necessary to search for a way around it.

  • Return from the Port of San Francisco in search of the Punta de Pinos and the Sierra de Santa Lucia.

Fray Juan Crespi

On the night of this day the explorers returned, very sad, and no longer believing in the reports of the heathen, which they confessed they had not understood. They said that all the territory which they examined to the north-east and north was impassable because of the scarcity of pasture and especially" because of ferocity and ill-temper of the heathen, who received them angrily and tried to stop their passage. They said also that they had seen another estuary of equal magnitude and extent with the one which we had in sight and with which it communicated, but that in order to go round it one would have to travel many leagues; and that they saw no signs that might indicate the proximity of the port where it terminates, and that the mountains were rough and difficult.

  • This was San Pablo Bay. The explorers went far enough north to be able to see this bay from a distance

November 9 day four at San Francisquito Creek
November 11 to North of Woodside
Portola Expedition 1769 Diaries