Monday, September 11, 1769

Gaspar de Portolá
The 11th, we proceeded for three hours; the entire road was over hills where there was very much pasture and water.

Miguel Costansó
We descended to the shore, and followed the beach, which turned to the northwest. We covered a league and a half over a good road with watering places at every step. We halted on a steep cliff at the edge of the sea, in the northwestern part of a canyon, through which emptied a stream of very good water; there was pasture and fire-wood in abundance. In this place the meridian altitude of the sun was observed, and from this we found the latitude to be 35°35'.

Fray Juan Crespi
Early in the morning, which broke very cloudy, we left the place, descended to the seashore and followed the beach, which runs to the northwest. We traveled for an hour and a half by a good road, along a cliff near the edge of the sea, with watering places at every step, and camped in a valley through which an arroyo empties into the ocean. I called it Arroyo de San Nicolas, but among the soldiers it is known as El Can til. There is an abundance of pasture and firewood. I did not observe the latitude, but Senor Constanzo did so and found it to be thirty-five degrees and thirty-five minutes.