Sunday, September 3, 1769
Day two at Oso Flaco Lake.

Gaspar de Portol√°
No entry

Miguel Costansó
The people and the animals rested today, and the scouts, who had set out to search for a pass through the range, returned in the afternoon, enlarging upon the difficulty they had experienced in reaching even to its foot, a fact we had discovered already by inspecting the country. There were immense sand-dunes along the shore, and on the plain there were creeks, estuaries, and marshes, which formed a labyrinth. The mountain range we had in sight is the same in our judgment that we have been leaving continuously on our right since we set out from San Diego; in some places it recedes from the sea, and in others approaches it, absolutely cutting off the passage along the beach, as happens at this place.

Fray Juan Crespi Diary
This day we rested, in order to give time for the explorers to look for a pass through the mountains that we have in sight, in the supposition that they end at the beach. They are apparently the same ones that since our departure from San Diego have followed us on the right. In places they retreat from the shore and in others draw near it, so close at this point that there is no room for us to continue by the beach. This place is known to the soldiers as Camp of Las Vivoras, on account of the large number of snakes that were seen; others call it El Oso Flaco.

September 2 To Oso Flaco Lake
September 4 To Price Canyon, north of Pismo Beach.