Saturday, September 2, 1769

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 2nd, we proceeded for five hours over very sandy hills and halted at a very large pool. The inhabitants of two villages of the neighborhood which were composed of about sixty natives came to our camp. Here we halted for one day.

Miguel Costansó
The scouts returned from their exploration in the morning and relieved us from the apprehension they had occasioned us by failing to return to camp on the previous afternoon. The reason for their delay was that they had lost the road on account of the fog which obliged them, on their way back to camp, to spend the night in the valley; they had already reconnoitered the day's march we were to make. This was of three leagues, and crossed the valley which is two leagues wide in the direction , north-northwest. that we followed. The remainder of the road, we traveled over high tablelands as far as the watering place. This was another large pond, almost circular in form, in a canyon which some sand-dunes obstructed, impounding the water, preventing it from emptying into the sea. The whole canyon was covered with rushes and reeds; the ground was wet and swampy, and entirely impassable. The canyon extended, in its whole length, from east to west. In the afternoon, as they had seen many tracks of bears, six soldiers went out hunting on horseback, and succeeded in shooting one. It was an enormous animal: it measured fourteen palms from the sole of its feet to the top of its head; its feet were more than a foot long; and it must have weighed over 375 pounds. We ate of the flesh and found it savory and good. We named this whole place the Laguna Redonda.

Fray Juan Crespi
We set out from this lagoon at a quarter past eight and crossed the plain, which is about two leagues in extent. By the direction that we followed, which is northwest, the remainder of the way was over mesas as far as the next water, and we covered in a day's march about three leagues. The watering place is a large lake nearly circular in shape, in a valley, and it is enclosed by some sand dunes which retain the water and prevent it from going to the sea. The entire valley, which runs from east to west, is covered with rushes and grass, and the ground is very wet and swampy. In the afternoon the soldiers went out to hunt bears, as they had seen their tracks, and they succeeded in killing one with a gunshot. It was measured and found to be fourteen spans from the soles of its feet to its head. The paws were one span long, and it must have weighed three hundred and seventy-five pounds. We tasted its meat and I thought it very savory. Six heathen, who belong to two villages that they say are not far from here, came to see us. I gave this place the name of Lake of the Holy Martyrs, San Juan de Perucia and San Pedro de Sacro Terrato. Our sergeant, Don Jose Francisco de Ortega, fell ill of a pain, perhaps from colic; some ten soldiers also complained of their legs.

Located at Oso Flaco Lake.
September 1 To Guadalupe Lake.