Saturday, September 9, 1769
To Ellysly Creek.

Gaspar de Portolá
The 9th, we proceeded for four hours along the seashore and halted at a lagoon where a stream came down from the hills. On this day's march we had crossed six very rapid streams.

Miguel Costansó
We proceeded for three leagues along the beach, where there were very many pools of clear water which comes down from the mountain range, at this point only a short distance from the sea. We halted in a moderately wide canyon; into this an estuary entered into which flowed a stream of good water that came from the mountains. The hills inclosing this canyon on the west extended to the sea and obstructed the passage along the beach. The road was left free, however, to the north and northwest; two branches of the canyon followed these directions and gave us the choice of the course that we might wish to take.
The horizontal altitude of the lower limb of the sun, observed with the English octant, facing the sun, was found, at noon, to be ... 59°21'
Semidiameter of the sun to be added ... 16'
Inclination of the visual [horizon] in consequence of the observer's eye being six to seven feet above sea-level, subtract ... 3' 13'
Horizontal altitude of the center of the sun ... 59°34'
Its zenith-distance was found to be ... 30°26'
Its declination at that hour was ... 5°1'
Latitude of the place ... 35°27'
This place was given the name of El Estero.

Fray Juan Crespi
About six in the morning we set out to the northwest over mesas of good land covered with grass and well supplied with water but without trees. In the four hours that we traveled, making at the most three leagues, we encountered eight arroyos by which the water from the mountains runs to the sea, along whose edge we traveled. We halted at the eighth watering place in a moderately broad valley, into which enters an estuary fed by an arroyo of good water coming from the mountains. The hills which enclose this valley on the west reach to the sea. They impede passage along the beach, but the road to the north and northwest is left open. The spot was named Estuary of Santa Serafina. I found the latitude to be exactly thirty-six degrees, while for Senor Constanzo it came our thirty-five degrees and twentyseven minutes.

September 8 To or near the mouth of Chorro Creek, at Morro Bay State Park (Morro Rock, SRL 821).
September 10 To Coast Union High School, one mile east of Cambria