Friday, September 29, 1769
To the Salinas River, near Chualar.

Gaspar de Portol√°
We proceeded for four hours along the same river. There was a village, but on seeing us, the inhabitants fled.

Miguel Costansó
This day's march was a little shorter than the one of yesterday. We proceeded for three leagues and a half over whitish, treacherous ground into which the animals sank; it, however, had a greater abundance of pasture. We halted beside the river, which at this place flowed with greater force and noise. Many antelopes were seen during the march. This camp was given the name of Los Cazadores, because here we had come unexpectedly upon some natives, who were so engrossed in their hunting that they did not see us until we were upon them; then, startled, they fled, and no efforts of ours were sufficient to induce them to return.

Fray Juan Crespi
Today, day of the prince and archangel San Miguel, after we two had Mass, attended by all the men, we started about eight in the morning by the same valley, following the course of the river by a level road like the preceding, although it was more abundant in unburned pasture. The valley gets wider, the trees and the verdure of the river bed continue, and on the banks there are an infinite number of roses of Castile. We traveled four hours, making three leagues and a half, and halted close to the river, which flows in this part more noisily and swiftly. Shortly after halting we heard a great uproar and shouting in the wood formed by the trees of the river, which must be more than four hundred varas wide. Presuming it to be some village whose people had seen us and were making this noise in consequence, the commander, some of the officers, and I started in their direction, when we saw that it was not as we had thought, but that they were hunting, and had not seen us, for now, just as soon as they caught sight of us, the shouting stopped. We signaled them with a white cloth to approach, but there was no way to attract them; on the contrary, they began to blow on a pipe and throw earth in the air, on seeing which we returned to camp and allowed them to continue their exercise. From the foregoing incident this place was called Eeal de los Cazadores.

September 28 To Salinas River, southwest of Camphora.
September 30 To Salinas River, below Old Hilltown.