Thursday, September 28, 1769
To Salinas River, southwest of Camphora.

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 28th, we proceeded for five hours along the same river.

Miguel Costansó
There was not, nor could we desire, a better road than that through the same canyon, which opened towards the northwest and gradually widened as we drew nearer to the coast, following the course of the river, which meandered without hindrance among the hills that bordered the coast. The day's march was four leagues. We pitched our camp in the river-bottom amid a clump of live-oaks. The land at this place was of a whitish color, whence came its name of Real Blanco. During the march we again saw several herds of antelopes, but they were out of range and up in the hills.

Fray Juan Crespi
We set out early in the morning, which was very cloudy, and followed the same valley and river by a level road, the grass all burned. As we approach the seacoast, the valley goes on widening, and in places the plain has a width of two leagues, in others still more. We traveled five hours, during which we must have made four leagues, and halted in the same plain of the valley in the midst of a grove of live oaks, which had a little pasture that had not been burned. Because the land had a whitish color it was called Real Blanco. Although we have come across many roads and paths beaten by the heathen, we have not seen one of them; some bands of antelopes were seen, but not within gunshot.

September 27 To Salinas River, near Metz.
September 29 To the Salinas River, near Chualar.