Wednesday, September 27, 1769
To Salinas River, near Metz.

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 27th, we proceeded for five hours, keeping along the same river.

Miguel Costansó
The pioneers having cleared the land along the river, we crossed it where it divided into three branches below a body of standing water which had formed large pools, and which contained many fish. Some of the soldiers said that they had seen fish in it weighing as much as eight or ten pounds. We left the river-bottom, and continued our march over level open country, approaching a little the hills that bounded the canyon on the north, until we reached again the steep bank of the river-bottom which paralleled these hills. They turned to the northwest, and obliged us to take to the slopes of the hills we had on our right. When the lay of the land permitted, we continued our march over level ground, without going very far from the river. We pitched our camp near some pools in a spot provided with pasture, which is not abundant in all parts of the canyon. At this place there was a poplar tree which we enclosed within our camp, and for this reason the place was called Real del Alamo. It is four leagues from the Real del Chocolate. Today we saw many herds of antelopes crossing the plain, but none of them came within range.

Fray Juan Crespi
A little after half-past six we set out from the camp, following the course of the valley and the river in a northwesterly direction. We crossed the river farther down where it was smooth, after its waters were divided into three arms. In some large pools in the same river many fish were seen, and the soldiers said they saw some that might weigh as much as ten pounds each. We left the river bottom in order to get on level, clear land, drawing a little closer to the hills which enclosed the valley on the north, until we came again to the slope of the river bottom which inclined toward those hills, veering a little to the northwest, compelling us to take to the skirts of the hills which we had in sight on the right hand soon as opportunity offered we again followed the level land, keeping the direction of the river. We saw in this day's march two bands of antelope some distance from us. The march covered four leagues, and camp was made near some pools of water under a large cottonwood, a site well furnished with pasture, which cannot be obtained anywhere else in the valley. Because the camp was pitched near the cottonwood, it was named Eeal del Alamo. I took the latitude, finding it to be thirty-six degrees and thirty-eight minutes.

September 26 To Salinas River, two miles south of King City.
September 28 To Salinas River, southwest of Camphora.