Monday, September 25, 1769
To Upper Jolon Valley.

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 25th, we proceeded for an hour and a half, the whole time skirting the mountains. We halted where there was neither water nor pasture.

Miguel Costansó
Forewarned that we would not find water until we reached the river, of which the scouts gave us information, we set out in the afternoon, after watering the animals. We halted in the bottom of a canyon, a little more than a league to the northeast from the place which we left. The ground of this canyon is stony; in the canyon there are many white oaks and live-oaks.

Fray Juan Crespi
This morning we halted, for the reason that on the next day's march that we are to make there is no water for the animals to drink. At midday, here at this arroyo, which I named The Wounds of Our Seraphic Father San Francisco, considering the fact that since leaving his land we had not found a place suitable for dedicating a mission to him, and that this arroyo, with its land and abundance of water, was not unworthy of a good settlement, I decided to delay no longer and therefore I dedicated this arroyo to the impression of his stigmata, reserving that saint's name for the famous town, as his Excellency the visitor general said to our father president at the camp of Santa Ana before taking leave of him. At two in the afternoon we set out from this place and traveled a little more than a league straight to the north. (The entries for September 22, 23, and 24, which, except for two lines, are lacking from the Figueroa MS. and the printed texts of Crespi's diary, have been supplied from Costans. The last two lines of Crespi's entry for the 24th have been preserved. They are nearly identical with Costanso's entry: "village of very friendly heathen who appear to be wanderers, for we saw not a single house.") On the way we encountered eight small, round, white hills, close together. Afterward we entered a valley of good land between hills well covered with oaks and live oaks, and with some pines on the peaks; and after traveling for a short distance through it we found a little pool of water, from which all the skin bags and barrels were filled. We then went on to a place where the pasture had not been burned, and stopped there, one league from the arroyo of The Wounds of Our Father.

September 24 To San Antonio River, near Jolon.
September 26 To Salinas River, two miles south of King City.