Saturday, September 23, 1769
Day three at Los Burros Creek, west of the Nacimento River.

Gaspar de Portol√°
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Miguel Costansó
After nightfall, the scouts returned from their reconnaissance with good news. They said that they had pushed forward for twelve or fourteen leagues, and had followed a canyon as far as its outlet in the sea; in this, however, they were greatly deceived, as we all found out afterwards, by the heavy fog which filled the canyon towards the sea. They believed, also, that they had seen the beach, but this was still quite distant. Through the canyon flowed a river which they took to be the Carmelo, as they saw large trees on its banks, poplars, willows, oaks, and other kinds. With this news the men were greatly rejoiced; they all bestirred themselves, supposing that the goal towards which we were marching was only a short distance away; with desire we anticipated our arrival.

Fray Juan Crespi
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September 22 Near Los Burros Creek, west of the Nacimiento River.
September 24 To San Antonio River, near Jolon.