Thursday, September 21, 1769
To Nacimiento River.

Gaspar de Portolá
The 21st, we proceeded for two hours. We had to change our route as the range denied us a passage. It was necessary to open a trail and we halted in a gully. Here we rested the 22nd; the 23rd was spent in going out to . . .

Miguel Costansó
There were several bad passages to clear in order to reach the canyon that had been explored, and to do this the pioneers set out early in the morning. We deferred our march until the afternoon, in order to give them time to finish the work. The march was resumed after the people had eaten, and we proceeded for one league over broken country less rugged, however, than that previously traversed. We pitched camp on the bank of a small river containing much running water, which, in several pools or eddies, held a considerable number of trout, and other species of fish. We gave the place the name of Río de las Truchas.

Fray Juan Crespi
In order to move to the place spoken of by the explorers it was necessary to repair some bad spots, and for this task they set out after hearing Mass, which we both celebrated. In the afternoon we moved, leaving camp at half-past two, and in two hours we went a league to the north through the same mountains, and came to the camping place at a very large arroyo, whose source, so they said, was not far off. It runs from east to west, is very much boxed in, and has a good growth of live oaks, alders, and cottonwoods. Not far from the camping place there are two rancherias, from which some heathen came to visit us. They gave us pinole and pine nuts; in return we gave them beads, which pleased them very much.

September 20 To Los Burros Creek, Santa Lucia Mountains.
September 22 Near Los Burros Creek, west of the Nacimiento River.