Sunday, September 17, 1769
To Wagner Creek, Santa Lucia Mountains.

Gaspar de Portolá
The 17th of September, we crossed part of the range, having opened the path, and, at two o'clock, we halted in order to begin to open a road over another and still higher range. Here there was a village composed of eighty very docile natives. All over this range there is much pasture and water. Here we remained the 18th and 19th to cut a new road.

Miguel Costansó
We ascended the slope, and, following the crest of the hills which formed the north side of the canyon we have mentioned, we descended another very long slope, and pitched our camp in a hollow where some natives lived together without either house or home. There could not have been more than sixty souls, a very mild and obsequious people. We covered, at the most, one league on this day's march, and we gave the place the name of the Hoya de Santa Lucía.

Fray Juan Crespi
Day of the Impression of the Stigmata of our Seraphic Father San Francisco. I would have been most happy to stop here to celebrate with my companion this great day for all our seraphic Order but we had to make another league of the journey. With this object we set out in the morning, and the first thing was to begin to go over the crest, with a prayer in our mouths, for this day's journey called for nothing less. Afterwards we followed the ridges of the hills which form the side of the valley which looks to the north; then we descended another declivity, very long and steep, and halted in a hollow which has nearby, plenty of water, firewood, and pasture. We came upon a village of heathen who numbered perhaps sixty souls, but without a single house. They are very gentle and friendly; they told us this was not their home, but that as soon as they saw us they ran to meet us in order to accompany us afterwards to the village, which they say is near, and that we have to pass by there. We called this spot La Hoya de la Sierra de Santa Lucia, and I named for patron to these poor heathen my Seraphic Father San Francisco (who received the impression of the stigmata on Mount Alberne, so that he might intercede for the conversion of these heathen who live in these crags, rougher than those of that mountain) and also Blucia de Sulermo. I was able to make an observation, and it came out north latitude thirty-six degrees and eighteen and a half minutes.

September 16 To Headwaters of Arroyo Laguna, near Arroyo de la Cruz.
September 18 Day two at Wagner Creek, Santa Lucia Mountains.