Monday, October 9, 1769
Day two at Pajaro River.

Gaspar de Portol√°
We rested the 9th.

Miguel Costansó
The short and cloudy days did not give the scouts opportunity to examine the country, especially as we arrived somewhat late at the camping place. This obliged us to rest here in order to give the scouts time to make their exploration. They left early in the morning and were given the day for this purpose. They examined the country for a distance equal to two day's march of the pack-animals, and returned without any information of importance, which greatly depressed us, considering the scarcity of the provisions and the embarrassment caused by the sick, who could not shift for themselves, the number of the ailing increasing every day.

Fray Juan Crespi
This day was devoted to rest on account of the sick who are giving us anxiety, and in order to give an opportunity to explore for the next two marches.

October 8 To the Pajaro River, east of Watsonville.
October 10 To College Lake, north of Watsonville