Saturday, October 7, 1769
To Espinosa Lake, northwest of Salinas

Gaspar de Portol√°
We proceeded for two hours and a half through marshes and swamps. Here was held the council called by the commander of the expedition, the report of which is enclosed.

Miguel Costansó
We proceeded for two leagues over the plain where we experienced some delay in crossing two swampy ditches which we found on our way. We had to fill them in with earth and fascines so that the pack-animals and horses could pass. We pitched our camp between some low hills near a pond where we saw a great number of cranes the first we had seen on this journey. During the night extreme unction was administered to one of the sick whose condition had become very serious. This place was given the name of Laguna de las Grullas.

Fray Juan Crespi
We set out from this camp, which took the name of Santa Delfina, virgin and wife of San Elceareo, to whom I dedicated the spot where we were on his day, the 27th of September, and at about twelve noon took the road to the north-northwest.100 After traveling a short distance we entered a marsh, or dry lagoon, very verdant with mallows and other herbs. Afterwards we followed a valley between low ridges, passing four lagoons that caused us some trouble to get around, for which purpose it was necessary to do some work on some miry spots. The march lasted three hours, during which we must have traveled two leagues, and we halted in a valley near a lake and a village which it was evident had recently been abandoned by all the heathen. The road is over passable ground well covered with pasturage. Many cranes were seen at the lake, the first in the whole journey, for which reason the soldiers called it Laguna de Las Grullas, while I named it Santa Brigida. This night we confessed and gave the holy oil to one of the Leather-jacket soldiers, who has become seriously ill with scurvy.

October 6 Day six at the Salinas River, near Blanco.
October 8 To the Pajaro River, east of Watsonville