Tuesday, October 3, 1769
Day three at the Salinas River, near Blanco.

Gaspar de Portol√°
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Miguel Costansó
The scouts returned in the afternoon and said that they had not seen a port, either to the north or south of the Punta de Pinos; they did see, however, a small bay lying between the said Punta de Pinos and another point farther to the south. This bay had a stream flowing into it from the mountain range, and an estuary into which the stream emptied. Farther on, the rocky coast extended to the south-southwest; its impenetrable ruggedness obliged them to turn back, and they believed that the steep cliff they had in sight was the same that had obliged us to leave the shore, and to pursue our way through the mountains.

Fray Juan Crespi
Today the explorers returned in the afternoon. Both the captain and the soldiers said that they had seen no harbor, either to the north or to the south of the point, but they did see that the point was covered with pines, and after passing it they saw a small bay formed between this Point of Pines and another somewhat farther south, with an arroyo of water which came down from the mountains, well forested with trees, and an estuary into which the arroyo empties, near some small lagoons of little consequence. Farther on the precipitous coast ran south by southwest, and its ruggedness compelled them to retreat. They believed also that this was the same cliff that had forced us back from the shore and obliged us to travel through the mountains. This report heard, the commander decided that on the following day a council of the officers should be held to determine what was to be done. He summoned them to it, and charged us priests to say the Mass of the Holy Ghost, that it might enlighten all and help them to give their opinions as to what was the best course to pursue.

October 2 Day two at the Salinas River, near Blanco.
October 4 Day four at the Salinas River, near Blanco.