Portola Expedition: Sunday, October 29, 1769

Day two at Pilarcitos Creek
California Historical Landmark No. 21

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Miguel Costansó

It rained all last night, with wind from the south. At daybreak it was also raining, and it was impossible for us to set out from this place, which, afterwards, for the reason which we shall mention, received the name of Llano de los Ansares.

Fray Juan Crespi

It rained all night, and morning broke very dark, for which reason and the illness of the commander, the departure was postponed. We two said Mass, everybody attending, for, thanks to God, although we had been somewhat indisposed it was nothing to cause anxiety, and commended to God the health of the sick and the success of the expedition. The people of the village on the point came to visit us and gave us some tamales made of black seeds which have not a bad taste; they are good for atole, especially for those who watch the animals and go out early in the morn to explore.

October 28 Heading North to Pilarcitos Creek (SRL 21).
October 30 To Martini Creek (SRL 25).
Portola Expedition 1769 Diaries