Friday, October 27, 1769
To Purisima Creek (SRL 22).
California Registered Landmark - 22 - Mouth of Purisima Creek

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Gaspar de Portol√°
We traveled for two hours and a half on a bad road. We halted in a gully where there was plenty of water and pasture.

Miguel Costansó
We left the valley, which the soldiers called Valle de los Cursos, heading north. Afterwards, we followed the coast over high hills to the north-northwest. We traveled for two short leagues, and halted near a stream of little importance. The country had a gloomy aspect; the hills were bare and treeless, and, consequently, without firewood. On the northern side of this stream there were some abandoned Indian huts; all who had the curiosity to look in to see these were covered with fleas. On the road we came upon a very long slope over which we had to make a passage in order to descend to a small stream where it empties into the sea.

Fray Juan Crespi
The captain arose better this morning, and the rest of the sick also, so we set out at a quarter past nine, taking the road to the north over high hills, all burned. After traveling a short distance we came upon sloping mesas near the beach, precipitous to the sea, and not a single tree to be seen on them. There are deep descents to three arroyos which empty into the ocean. After three hours travel in which we must have advanced two leagues, we halted near the beach, on the bank of the third arroyo, where we found vestiges of a village, but, according to what we were told by four heathen from the preceding village who have accompanied us, the people of this one have moved to the mountains. I named this place Arroyo de San Ibon. All the inquisitive persons who wished to see the habitations which had been abandoned by the heathen, some few grass huts, were covered with fleas, for which reason the soldiers called it Village of Las Pulgas. In this day's march they had to repair the descent into the arroyos, which gave plenty to do; it ends at the beach.

October 26 Day three at San Gregorio Creek, just west of San Gregorio (SRL 26).
October 28 Heading North to Pilarcitos Creek (SRL 21).