Thursday, October 26, 1769
Day three at San Gregorio Creek, just west of San Gregorio (SRL 26).

Gaspar de Portol√°
No entry

Miguel Costansó
As the captain of the company of the Californias, Don Fernando de Rivera y Moncada, was ill of the common sickness, the scurvy, and because of a diarrhea which attacked many of us, we were forced to delay the march.

Fray Juan Crespi
Captain Don Fernando de Rivera arose ill with the common sickness of scurvy, and with diarrhoea, of which many soldiers are complaining also, for which reason no march was made today. The other sick men, about whom we felt great anxiety before, continue to improve, thank God.

October 25 Day two at San Gregorio Creek.
October 27 To Purisima Creek (SRL 22).