Wednesday, October 25, 1769
Day two at San Gregorio Creek.


Gaspar de Portol√°
No entry.

Miguel Costansó
Many of the pack-mules were exhausted by the preceding day's march, and they were given a rest to-day that they might recover their strength. The scouts were sent out to examine the country with guides from among these Indians. They returned in the evening without any news of importance; they had gone about four leagues to the north-northwest along the coast.

Fray Juan Crespi
On account of the long march that was made yesterday some of the pack animals were tired, and for that reason a rest is being taken today, which will give the explorers time to go and reconnoiter with guides from this village. I observed the latitude and it was thirty-seven degrees and thirty minutes. The heathen gave us many tamales made of black seeds, which are not so bad, so the soldiers say, for making atole. Today the miniestra for the soldiers was exhausted, and the meat for them was used up several days ago, so that they are reduced to only five tortillas a day, one for breakfast, two for dinner, and two for supper, a very small ration for so much work; but there is nothing else to give them, and the poor fellows content themselves with this short ration.

  • This camp was at San Gregorio Creek, near the coast.

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