Sunday, October 22, 1769
Day three at Waddell Creek.

Gaspar de Portol√°
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Miguel Costansó
The day dawned overcast and gloomy; the men were wet and wearied from want of sleep, as they had no tents, and it was necessary to let them rest today. What excited our wonder on this occasion was that all the sick, for whom we greatly feared lest the wetting might prove exceedingly harmful, suddenly found their pains very much relieved. This was the reason for giving the canyon the name of La Salud.

Fray Juan Crespi
This day broke very cloudy and dark, with all the people wet and fatigued from loss of sleep for lack of tents, so that it was necessary to rest today and dry the clothing, our greatest anxiety being lest the poor sick persons with us might be harmed by the wetting. But exactly the contrary happened, and it seemed as though God had sent them health with the drenching, for to the surprise of everybody they began to improve, and in a short time were entirely recovered, thanks to God, to whom we attributed this special blessing. For this reason the valley was renamed La Salud.

October 21 Day two at Waddell Creek.
October 23 To Whitehouse Creek (SRL 23).