Friday, October 20, 1769
To Waddell Creek


Gaspar de Portol√°
The 20th, we travelled for three hours and a half near the shore and halted in a gully where there was much water and pasture. Here we rested for two days on account of the rain.

Miguel Costansó
No entry

Fray Juan Crespi
In order to leave this place we had to ascend a very long ridge after crossing the arroyo which runs at the foot of the hill to the north and it was necessary to open a road by force of the pick. In this task the whole morning was spent, and we therefore started late. We traveled for a long space on the ridge of a chain of rough broken hills which drop to the sea, and halted on the same beach at the mouth of an arroyo or valley, about a league from where we started. In this short stretch the coast runs northwest by north. The valley is open towards the northeast and it enters the land in the same direction something like a league. From here the coast runs west by northwest; it is low and full of rocks which are but little elevated above the water. This spot or arroyo I named Valley of San Luis Beltran.* The point that we judged to be Ano Nuevo is about a league from our camp, and so we still found ourselves on the great bay which we supposed to be the port of Monterey.

October 19 To Molino Creek and Scott Creek.
October 21 Day two at Waddell Creek