Monday, October 2, 1769
Day two at the Salinas River, near Blanco.

Gaspar de Portolá
No entry

Miguel Costansó
The scouts set out in the morning with a great desire to reconnoiter the Punta de Pinos, convinced that they would not fail to find the port of Monterey which we imagined had been left behind. As it was not possible yesterday to observe the meridian altitude of the sun on the shore, this calculation was made in the camp by means of the gnomon. The hypotenuse of the right angled triangle was taken as 8000 parts of those into which the line of equal parts of the pentameter, or proportional compasses from a box of mathematical instruments, is commonly divided, and the meridian shadow was taken as 4338. From this, the angle of the meridian altitude of the sun came out 57° 10'; its zenith-distance 32° 50'; its declination was 3°54'; the latitude of the place was therefore 36° 44'.

Fray Juan Crespi Diary
Early in the morning the captain started out with eight soldiers to examine the point closing the bay to the south. On this day I took the latitude, and it turned out thirty-six degrees and fifty-three minutes, while Senor Costanso observed it by the gnomon method and it came out for him thirty-six degrees and forty-four minutes.

October 1 To the Salinas River, near Blanco.
October 3 Day three at the Salinas River, near Blanco