Monday, October 16, 1769
To Porter Gulch.

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 16th, we proceeded for two hours, and halted on the bank of a river where there was very little pasture.

Miguel Costansó
From La Lagunilla we came to the bank of a stream of good water, at a distance of two leagues to the west-northwest, travelling in sight of the sea. On our road there were two bad places over which we had to make a way. The first of these was a deep gully thickly grown with brush; the other, a ditch in which, to descend and ascend its sides, we had to open a path.This place was afterwards called El Rosario.

Fray Juan Crespi
We set out in the morning from this place, to the northwest, following the valley of the preceding day, and going afterwards through the thickest growth of chestnuts and redwoods, of which there are many extremely large ones. After traveling half a league we crossed the arroyo that I spoke of in the preceding journey, because it is very near the beach, and the range of hill which follows, which has good pasture, although it has just been burned by the heathen, who do not permit themselves to be seen. The march lasted three hours and a half, during which we traveled only two leagues because of the sick, but the poor creatures are slowly recovering. We stopped on the bank of a small stream, which has about four varas of deep running water. It has on its banks a good growth of cottonwoods and alders; on account of the depth at which it runs it may be that it cannot be utilized to water some plains through which it runs. It was named El Rosario del Beato Serafin de Asculi.

October 15 To Corralitos Lagoon on Freedom Boulevard, Corralitos, Santa Cruz County, CA.
October 17 To San Lorenzo River at Santa Cruz.