Sunday, October 15, 1769
To Corralitos Lagoon on Freedom Boulevard, Corralitos, Santa Cruz County, CA.

Gaspar de Portol√°
We proceeded for an hour and a half because of the sick and halted in a swamp where there was much water and pasture.

Miguel Costansó
We set out from the Laguna del Corral, a name given to it on account of a piece of fence that was constructed between the lake and a low hill in order to keep the animals penned by night with few watchmen. We marched very slowly so as to cause the sick as little distress as possible; we contrived to carry them on side saddles, as the women in Andalusia travel. We proceeded for a league and a half, and halted near another small pond in the bottom of a narrow and very pleasant little canyon, with plenty of fire wood and pasture. The road was somewhat difficult. We directed our course to the north-northwest, without withdrawing far from the coast, from which we were separated by some high hills very thickly covered with trees which some said were savins. They were the largest, highest, and straightest trees that we had seen up to that time; some of them were four or five yards in diameter. The wood is of a dull, dark, reddish color, very soft, brittle, and full of knots. This canyon was given the name of La Lagunilla.

Fray Juan Crespi
We two said Mass, commending to God the sick persons, who were feeling rather better. For this reason the commander decided that we should start, as we did, setting out northwest through a valley grown with redwoods, and over hills all covered with chestnuts. After half a league's travel we came to an arroyo with a good volume of water; it seemed to be very much boxed in, with many trees along its banks, cottonwoods, alders, and willows, but there is no plain near by to make use of that water. We traveled only a league and a half on account of the fatigue of the sick persons, and we halted in a valley near another small lagoon which I named Santa Teresa because it was her day. The place has good pasture, and we had found the same along the road.

October 14 Day fiver at College Lake.
October 16 To Porter Gulch.