Wednesday, October 11, 1769
Day two at College Lake, north of Watsonville

Gaspar de Portol√°
No entry.

Miguel Costansó
The sick were in such a serious condition and so near the end, that, the sacrament having already been administered to several of them, we realized it would be exposing them to the possibility of dying on the road if we did not give them some respite and quiet. Our commander resolved, therefore, that they should rest at this place, and that we should proceed as soon as they felt better. In order to save time, however, and to obtain information about the port of Monterey, which we all believed to be near, he ordered a party to set out, and to advance as far as the animals (they were growing very thin from the cold) could go. The sergeant of the presidio with eight men set out on this exploration, each one taking three mules as remounts.

Fray Juan Crespi
During the night, the sick became worse and others have been prostrated, for which reason the commander ordered a halt. We two said Mass this morning to the Most Holy Patriarch San Jose, for the recovery of the sick and the success of the expedition. We gave the viaticum and the holy oils to three more, the ones that are most seriously ill. The commander determined that while we were resting for the sick, the explorers should go out and examine everything as far as possible, so as to have that done. With this objective, Sergeant Ortega set out with eight soldiers, each one taking three mules for relay, for the animals have become very thin from the cold.

October 10 To College Lake, north of Watsonville
October 12 Day three at College Lake.