Portola Expedition: Tuesday, November 7, 1769

San Francisquito Creek in Menlo Park
California Historical Landmark No. 2

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Gaspar de Portolá

Captain Fernando de Rivera commanded the sergeant and eight soldiers to go out and explore. All the time they were gone they skirted the shore of this arm of the sea or port; they returned after four days and reported that they had found nothing, leaving us in doubt as to whether we could find anything farther on. For this reason, seeing that we were in too high a latitude and without any of the indications of the Port of Monterey as given by Cabrera Bueno, we halted . . . the council decided that the expedition should return and that the port should be sought for with greater care. This decision was acted upon and the report of the council is enclosed.

Miguel Costansó

From this place the scouts were sent out in order to obtain definite particulars about the port and the ship concerning which the natives had made signs. For this purpose they were allowed four days, and they carried a supply of flour for the assigned period. The sergeant of the presidio went as head of the party, and some Indians accompanied it as guides.

Fray Juan Crespi

The commander decided that we should stop in this valley while the explorers went out again to acquire certain information regarding the port and ship that they understood the heathen to mean. They were given four days to be gone, and took with them their ration of flour to keep off hunger for that time. They started in the afternoon, accompanied by some heathen from these neighboring villages.

November 6 To San Francisquito Creek in Menlo Park
November 8 Day three at San Francisquito Creek
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