Portola Expedition: Saturday, November 4, 1769

To the Discovery Site on Sweeney RidgePortolasExpeditionMarker.jpg

California Historical Landmark No. 394

Then on to the campsite now covered by San Andreas Lake
California Historical Landmark No. 27 on Skyline Blvd.
On the west slope of Sweeny Ridge, west of San Andreas Lake.


Gaspar de Portolá

We traveled for three hours; the entire road was bad. We halted without water.

Miguel Costansó

We set out in search of the port. We followed the south shore or beach of San Francisco until we entered the mountain range to the northeast. From the summit of this range we saw the magnificent estuary which stretched towards the southeast. We left it on our left hand, and, turning our backs on the bay, advanced to the south-southeast, through a canyon in which we halted at sunset. We travelled for two leagues.

Fray Juan Crespi

We celebrated this day in honor of San Carlos, the patron of the royal presidio and mission to be founded at the port of Monterey, and also in honor of our king, Don Carlos III (whom God keep) by performing the holy sacrifice of Mass in this little valley, on the beach of the harbor, without the least doubt, of my Father San Francisco. About one in the afternoon we set out to continue the journey, following the beach to the north. We then entered the mountains, directing our course to the northeast and from the summit of a peak we beheld the great estuary or arm of the sea, which must have a width of four or five leagues, and extends to the southeast and south-southeast. Keeping it always on the left hand, and, turning our backs to the bay, we took a valley open to the south and southwest. After three hours' travel in which we made two leagues, we halted in a valley at the foot of a mountain range covered with low, very green woods, and having near the camp a grove of live oaks on the west slope of the mountains.

November 3 Day four at San Pedro Creek
November 5 To campsite, now under Upper Crystal Springs Resevoir
Portola Expedition 1769 Diaries