Thursday, November 30, 1769
Day three at San Jose Creek, where it flows into Carmel Bay

Gaspar de Portolá
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Miguel Costansó
The town and bay of Cadiz is situated under this parallel. Today, the meridian altitude of the sun was observed with the English octant, facing the sun, and the altitude of its lower limb was found to be ... 31°23'
Semidiameter to be added ... 16'
Correction in consequence of the elevation of the observer's eye above sea-level, subtract ... 3'
Astronomical refraction, subtract ... 2'11'
Altitude of the center of the sun ... 31°34'
Zenith-distance ... 58°26'
Its declination ... 21°50'
Latitude of the Ensenada de Pinos ... 36°36'

The cold began to be felt intensely, and for two days the land wind from the north was very strong. As we were learning by experience, this wind usually blows without interruption for forty-eight hours, more or less. The coast, from the above mentioned point to the south of the bay, extends south by east.

Fray Juan Crespi
Today the explorers were to go out, but some hindrance came up, so it was put off till the next day. In this place the animals fared well, on account of the abundance of
pasture; but, as there was no game or fish, and even mussels were not to be found on the beach, the men suffered greatly from hunger. The soldiers appeased it with sea gulls and pelicans, but even their hunger did not make this meat palatable. Senor Constanzo made observations in this place, and the latitude came out the same as it is at the bay of Cadiz, thirty-six degrees and thirty-six minutes. The cold was intense here, and north winds, which usually last forty-eight hours, are frequent. The coast from the Point of Pines mentioned inclines to the south and the stretch which is in sight runs from the southern point of the bay southeast-by-south. This afternoon ten or twelve heathen came to
see us. They say they have their village in the valley of the river which empties into the estuary. They brought as a present a good ration of pinole and seeds, which was divided among the men, and the commander reciprocated with some beads.

November 29 Day two at San Jose Creek, where it flows into Carmel Bay.
December 1 Day four at San Jose Creek, where it flows into Carmel Bay.

* On the return journey to Monterey Bay, the expedition camped in November;
on the llth near Woodside;
on the 12th at San Andreas Lake, or possibly at Pilarcitos Lake;
on the 13th on San Pedro Creek;
on the 14th at San Vicente Creek;
on the 15th at Half Moon Bay;
on the 17th at Tunitas Creek;
on the 18th at Pescadero Creek;
on the 19th at Afio Nuevo Creek;
on the 20th at Scott Creek;
on the 21st at Coja Creek;
on the 22d at Soquel Creek;
on the 23d in Corralitos Valley;
on the 24th near Elk Slough;
on the 26th on the Salinas River south-eastward of Blanco.
On the 27th they crossed the Salinas and went to camp on the site of Monterey.
On the 28th they halted beyond Carmel River, near Point Lobos, where they remained in camp until December 10.
It was from this camp that the exploration of Santa Lucia Range was made, and it was here that the council was held December 7.