Sunday, November 26, 1769
To Salinas River, near Blanco (Oct. 1-6).

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 26th, we proceeded for two hours and a half to the foot of the Sierra de Santa Lucia. We halted, as the council had decided. Here Captain Fernando de Rivera set out to explore this range again; he penetrated it as much further than on the outward journey as he was able, and reported that he had not found the Port of Monterey. Since turning back from the neighborhood of the Port of San Francisco, we traversed again in eighteen days the distance that required forty-three on the outward journey because of the great number of sick.

Miguel Costansó
From the Laguna del Macho we came to our old camping-place at the river which was thought to be the Carmelo, a distance of five leagues and a half from the Laguna del Macho.

Fray Juan Crespi
After we two friars had said Mass we broke camp and traveled this day five leagues, until we reached the river and valley of Santa Delfina, where we camped from the first until
the sixth of October inclusive. On the road we found a new village of heathen who were building a town, making their spherical-shaped houses of poles and tule. According to what the explorers said these were the same ones whom they had seen in the village of El Pajaro. They found them there, but we always found the village deserted.

November 25 Day two at a lake near San Miguel Canyon Road and Hall Road.
November 27 To the site of Monterey.