Saturday, November 25, 1769
Day two at a lake near San Miguel Canyon Road and Hall Road.

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 25th, we proceeded to the Punta de Pinos, which took four hours.

Miguel Costansó
With the object of examining the coast with minuteness and care, we rested at the Laguna del Macho. The scouts returned at night without any important information. They only said that they had found out that the tracks which we had seen on the way to the port of San Francisco were not those of bison, but of very large deer, of an extraordinary appearance; they had seen a herd of twenty-two near the shore. They said that these animals had high branching and heavy horns; that their color, from the breast to the chin, was white, the rest of the body a light chestnut, excepting the hind quarters, which likewise were white.

Fray Juan Crespi
On this day the men and animals rested to give the explorers time to examine the coast with more care. They spent the whole day in this way and returned at night without
bringing any special news.

November 24 To a lake near San Miguel Canyon Road and Hall Road.
November 26 To Salinas River, near Blanco (Oct. 1-6).