Friday, November 24, 1769
To a lake near San Miguel Canyon Road and Hall Road.

Gaspar de Portolá
The 24th, we proceeded for two marches of the outward journey, which took four hours over the road by which we had come.

Miguel Costansó
From the Laguna del Corral, the scouts set out to examine the country with renewed care, as the road which it was necessary for the animals and men to follow extended somewhat inland. We halted one league farther on than the Río del Pájaro, near a pond which was called Laguna del Macho.

Fray Juan Crespi
This day the explorers set out early, charged to carefully examine the coast and everything else. We followed after them, but by a straight road which runs somewhat inland. We passed by the village of Santa Ana, alias El Pajaro, which we found deserted as when we came, and went on a league farther, halting near a lagoon which the soldiers called El Macho. The place is short of firewood, although there is an abundance of pasture on the low hills near by.

November 23 To College Lake (Oct. 10-14).
November 25 Day two at a lake near San Miguel Canyon Road and Hall Road.