Tuesday, November 21, 1769
To Majors Creek (Oct.18).

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 21st, we proceeded as far as in two marches on the outward journey which was three and a half hours travel.

Miguel Costansó
On this day's march we travelled for two leagues as far as the place called Las Puentes, where we halted. During these days we killed many geese; it was impossible to estimate the number of flocks of these birds which were seen at every step; so no lack of food was felt in the camp.

Fray Juan Crespi
We traveled this day two and a half leagues and camped in the same place where we halted on the 18th of October, which we called Arroyo de las Puentes de San Lucas. On
this and the preceding days the soldiers killed a great many geese, the flocks of these birds that are seen at every step being uncountable. Some of the soldiers messes have twelve of them saved up. Blessed be the Divine Providence which relieves us in our direst need!

November 20 To Molino Creek and Scott Creek (Oct. 19).
November 22 To Porter Gulch (Oct. 16).