Portola Expedition: Thursday, November 16, 1769

To Pilarcitos Creek (camped at the same location October 28-29).

Gaspar de Portolá

We proceeded for three hours and a half having made the same distance as in a march and a half on the outward journey.

Miguel Costansó

From the day we came in sight of the port of San Francisco until we left it the sky had been clear continuously, but, today, a thick fog covered the horizon; the wind was from the south. Nevertheless, we set out from the Rincón de las Almejas, and travelled for a little more than a league, as far as the place which the soldiers now called the Llano de los Ansares, because we saw such an abundance of geese. Some of the soldiers, going out to hunt, killed twenty-two. The Divine Providence was pleased, in this manner, to supply their needs.

Fray Juan Crespi

From the day that we came in sight of this harbor of Our Father San Francisco until today when we are leaving it, we have had every day a serene sky, without clouds or fog; but to-day there is a thick mist in the east, with a south wind that makes us fear rain. Notwithstanding this we set out and traveled a league and a half, and halted in the camp of the holy apostles San Simon and San Judas, which is the plain of Los Ansares, where there was such a multitude of these geese that some soldiers who went out hunting killed twenty-two, the Divine Providence designing in this way to relieve the hunger of these poor travelers.

November 15 Day two at Martini Creek
November 17 To Tunitas Creek (SRL 375).
Portola Expedition 1769 Diaries