Portola Expedition: Tuesday, November 14, 1769

To Martini Creek (camped at the same location October 30).

Gaspar de Portolá

We proceeded for two hours and a half over the road by which we had come and made the same distance as on the outward journey.

Miguel Costansó

We travelled for one league, and halted in the Rincón de las Almejas, a name given because of the abundance of shell-fish on the rocks washed by the sea. At this place we succeeded without difficulty in observing the meridian altitude of the lower limb of the sun, with the English octant,facing it ... 33°50'As the observation was made on a cliff about forty feet above sea-level, the inclination of the visual horizon was six minutes, subtract ... 6'Astronomical refraction, subtract ... 1'Semi diameter of the sun to be added ... 16'9'Altitude of the center of the sun ... 33°59'Zenith-distance ... 56°1'Its declination resulting from the equations ... 18°30'Latitude of the place, north ... 37°31'The southern shore or beach of the port of San Francisco is about four marine miles north of this place. Its latitude, then, would be about 37°35'.

Fray Juan Crespi

We traveled one league and camped in the valley of Las Almejas in the same spot where we had been before, about a league distant from the point of Angel Custodio. Senor Costansó took the latitude here and it was thirty-seven degrees and thirty-one minutes.

November 13 To San Pedro Creek
November 15 Day two at Martini Creek
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