Portola Expedition: Wednesday, November 1, 1769

Day two at San Pedro Creek
California Historical Landmark No. 24

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Miguel Costansó

Some had not yet been convinced that we had left the port of Monterey behind, nor would they believe that we were at the port of San Francisco. Our commander ordered the scouts to set out to examine the land for a certain distance, and gave them three days within which to return, hoping that from this exploration they would, perhaps, bring back information that would remove the perplexity of the incredulous. From the coast or inner shore on the south of the bay, the Farallones were sighted west by southwest; the Punta de los Reyes, west sixteen degrees northwest, and some ravines with white cliffs, farther in, northwest by west.

Fray Juan Crespi

In this little valley of Punta de las Almejas del Angel de la Guarda, both friars celebrated Mass, which everybody heard. After Mass the sergeant set out, with the understanding that he was to be gone only three days. On this day I observed the latitude, and found it to be thirty-seven degrees and forty-nine minutes, while for Senior Costansó it came out thirty-seven degrees and twenty-four minutes.

October 31 To San Pedro Creek
November 2 Day three at San Pedro Creek
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