Thursday, July 27, 1769
To Santiago Creek, northeast of Orange.

Gaspar de Portol√° Diary
The 27th, we proceeded for three hours on a good road. Much pasture and water.

Miguel Costansó Diary
In the morning we broke camp at the watering place above mentioned, and, crossing the plain in the direction of the northwest, we arrived, after three leagues, at the watering-place, which was a stream of very good running water. One could see, however, that it was diminishing each day on account of the dry season, the water gradually sinking into the sand. The stream descended from the range, and appeared to have a considerable flow in the rainy season. Its banks are very luxuriant. To this place we gave the name of Santiago.

Fray Juan Crespi Diary
About six in the morning we set out, crossing the plain and continuing to the northwest. We halted after three leagues' travel near an arroyo of running water, although it was evident that it was diminishing because of the drought, and little by little the waters were being absorbed by the sand. It has willows, grapevines, brambles, and other bushes. It comes down from the mountains, and shows that it must have plenty of water in the rainy season. It was given the name of the holy apostle and patron of the Spains, Santiago. If this watering place should remain throughout the year, it would be a site for building a city, on account of the large amount of land and the extensive plain that the arroyo has on both sides. We saw only two heathen near the camp. I observed the latitude, and it is thirty-three degrees and thirty-six minutes.

July 26 To Tomato Spring, edge of the Santiago Hills.
July 28 To Santa Ana River, near Olive.