Tuesday, July 25, 1769
Day two at Aliso Creek, near the town of El Toro.

Gaspar de Portolá Diary
No entry

Miguel Costansó Diary
We rested in the canyon described, which we called the Cañada de San Francisco Solano. Early in the morning the scouts set out to examine the country; they returned in the afternoon with news of having found a watering-place, but at a distance of six leagues or over.

Fray Juan Crespi Diary
This day we rested since it was that of the patron of our Spain, and we two priests celebrated the holy sacrifice of the Mass. We had another visit from the heathen of this village. We observed that they have houses made of willows, and large baskets of reeds so tightly woven that they hold water. They have given us to understand that in the interior there are people like us, who are clothed the same, and that the soldiers carry swords and wear hats, and that they have horses and mules, pointing to those that we have. God knows what truth there is in their talk, or if we misunderstood them. This place is in latitude thirty-three degrees and eighteen minutes.

July 24 To Aliso Creek, near the town of El Toro.
July 26 To Tomato Spring, edge of the Santiago Hills