Sunday, July 23, 1769
To San Juan Canyon (SRL 200).

Gaspar de Portolá
The 23rd, we proceeded for four hours. Much pasture and water, and many trees.

Miguel Costansó Diary
From the Cañada del Bautismo we came to another canyon, to which we gave the name of Santa María Magdalena, situated to the north-northwest of the first. The road, although over hilly country and somewhat broken ground, was not very laborious. The place had abundant pasture, and was thickly covered with willows and other trees. The watering-place was very copious, the water held in pools among reeds and rushes.

Fray Juan Crespi
After we two had said Mass we started at seven o'clock, going to the north-northwest. On leaving this place we ascended a large hill, not very rough and all of pure earth, covered with dry grass. Having gone through the pass, we went on over mesas, hills, valleys, and dry arroyos, ascending and descending, all the land being well covered with grass. We passed two valleys with two dry arroyos, both grown with alders and large live oaks. In one of the valleys we found a village of heathen, who, as soon as they saw us began to shout; and they came out, as if to meet us at the watering place, where we went to stop. We must have traveled this day about four leagues in the four hours on the road. A little before eleven we came to a very pleasant green valley, full of willows, alders, live oaks, and other trees not known to us. It has a large arroyo, which at the point where we crossed it carried a good stream of fresh and good water, which, after running a little way, formed in pools in some large patches of tules. We halted there, calling it the valley of Santa Maria Magdalena. In the journey of this day we came upon some deposits of fine red ochre, and some others of very white earth. They are on some hills near which we passed, and we inferred at once that from this earth the heathen provide themselves for their paint, which is their gala dress for their visits and their war feasts. I observed the latitude of the valley of Santa Maria Magdalena, and found that we were in thirty-three degrees and fourteen minutes.

July 22 To Cristianitos Canyon, north of San Onofre (SRL 562).
July 24 To Aliso Creek, near the town of El Toro.