Friday, July 21, 1769
To Las Pulgas Canyon.

Gaspar de Portolá
The 21st, we traveled for two hours over ranging hillocks, and halted in a canyon where there was much pasture and water. Here there came to our camp three natives with five women.

Miguel Costansó
We broke camp in the morning, and, taking the course to the northwest, we left the canyon of Santa Margarita. The road was over low hills, and after travelling for two leagues, we halted on the western side of the canyon. The watering-place consisted of some pools, and there was sufficient pasture. In this place we saw some native women, but very few Indians could be seen. We gave it the name of Cañada de los Rosales, on account of the great number of rose bushes we saw.

Fray Juan Crespi
We set out in the morning toward the northwest, because the mountains prevented us from going north. We climbed a hill which has some stones, near the valley from which we had emerged, and from the height we saw the valley of Santa Margarita, which extends more than a league from north to south. We went on over hills of moderate height, all grassy, and halted near the water, which is in the grass, so that we could not judge whether or not it was running. What we did see was a great deal of water, and that the spot was full of grape vines and innumerable Castilian rosebushes and other flowers. For this reason it was called the Valley of Santa Praxedis de los Rosales. Very near there we found a small village from which three men immediately came to visit us, with eleven women and some children. We entertained them, and the captain gave them some beads. This valley has a width of about a quarter of a league, but in parts it narrows more and more; its length runs from northeast to southwest. To the north-northeast it comes to a high mountain range, which is distant about a league and a half from the spot where the camp was pitched. In that direction there are many live oaks, and the same on the skirts of the mountains. To the southwest it seems that there is a valley which extends to the beach, although it cannot be made out. From this place I observed the latitude, and it was thirty-three degrees and ten minutes. The day's march was about two leagues.

July 20 To Santa Margarita River.
July 22 To Cristianitos Canyon, north of San Onofre (SRL 562).