Wednesday, July 19, 1769
Day two at San Luis Rey River (SRL 239)

Gaspar de Portol√°
No entry

Miguel Costansó
We rested at this place, and in the early morning sent out the scouts to reconnoiter the country as far as they could go, but so as to return to camp before nightfall. Seven men with the sergeant of the presidio of the Californias set out for this purpose. The natives came to our quarters very early and in greater number than on the preceding day there must have been more than two hundred souls of both sexes. They mingled with us with as much familiarity as they could have done with their own countrymen and friends. We greeted them and made them presents, but the novelty made such an impression on them that they did not want to leave us, however much we tried to get rid of them, and they remained until very late watching and observing us.

Fray Juan Crespi
On this day we halted, in order to give Sergeant Don Jose Francisco Ortega time to go with seven soldiers to explore for the next marches, while we entertained ourselves with the heathen, who did not leave us the whole day. There were more than two dozen of them together in the camp.

July 18 To San Luis Rey River (SRL 239).
July 20 To Santa Margarita River.