Tuesday, January 9, 1770
To Just south of Goleta.

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 9th, we proceeded for about three hours and a half over the road by which we had come and made the same distance as on the outward journey .

Miguel Costansó
From San Luis Obispo we went to the the Pueblos de la Isla, a distance of two leagues and a half, over a somewhat difficult road and through a country covered with live oaks and other trees. We halted to the east of these towns in a clear and open place.

Fray Juan Crespi
We stopped at the town of La Isla, after traveling two and a half leagues of rather difficult road, through country grown with live oaks and other trees; we passed to the east of those towns and pitched camp in clear and open land. Here there was no fish; I do not know whether it was because there was none at this season, or whether the Indians had not gone out for it.

January 8 To Dos Pueblos Canyon, near Naples (Aug. 21-22).
January 10 To Carpinteria (Aug. 17).