Sunday, January 7, 1770
To Tajiguas Creek (Aug. 23).

Gaspar de Portolá
The 7th, we traveled for about four hours and made the same distance as on the outward journey over the road by which we had come. Here we were provided with some fish and grain.

Miguel Costansó
From San Luis Rey we passed to the town of San Guido, a distance of two short leagues over a bad road; this was covered in the morning.

Punta de la Concepción to the ... W 5° SW
San Bernardo: western end ... S 28° SW
eastern end ... S 22° SW
Santa Cruz: western end ... S 12° SW
eastern end ... S 10° SE
Santa Bárbara: western end ... S 21° SE
eastern end to the ... SE

Fray Juan Crespi
We both said Mass in the morning. Afterwards we set out and made the two leagues over bad roads to San Guido, where the present of fish was not lacking.

January 6 To Gaviota (Aug. 24).
January 8 To Dos Pueblos Canyon, near Naples (Aug. 21-22).