Friday, January 5, 1770
To Arroyo El Bulito (Aug. 25).

Gaspar de Portolá
The 5th, we proceeded for four hours along the beach, which is that of the Santa Barbara channel, over the road by which we had come, and made the same distance as on the outward journey .

Miguel Costansó
In the morning, we left the Pueblo del Cojo or Punta de la Concepción. We traveled for two leagues to the east, and halted near the town which was given the name of San Zeferino Papa. There was enough fish in this village for all the men.

San Bernardo: western point ... S 5° SW
eastern point ... S 1° SW
Santa Cruz: western point ... S 5° SE
eastern point ... S 25° SE
Santa Bárbara: western point ... S 35° SE
eastern point ... SE 9° E
Falsa Vela: middle point ... SE 28° E

At sunset, with the same compass, the center of the sun was ascertained to be west, 36° southwest; its declination was 22°32' at that hour, with a slight difference. The altitude or latitude of the place, by observation made on August 25, is 34°30', and, consequently the western amplitude of the sun would be 27°42'; this being subtracted from the magnetic amplitude gives the variation of the compass on these coasts of 8°18'.

Fray Juan Crespi
In the morning we set out from this town and traveled two leagues, as far as the town of San Seferino the Pope, where we halted and the Indians gave us enough fresh fish for all
the men.

January 4 To Canada del Cojo (Aug. 26).
January 6 To Gaviota (Aug. 24).