Monday, January 22, 1770
To San Luis Rey River (July 18-19).

Gaspar de Portolá
The 22nd, we made a march of five hours, and made the same distance as in two marches on the previous journey.

Miguel Costansó
We passed through Los Rosales and the Cañada de Santa Margarita, without stopping until we reached the Valle de San Juan Capistrano. It was a march of six leagues over low-lying hills. We saw in the canyons that end in the valley various ponds which we had not seen on passing in July of last year; these were formed by the rains that had fallen in the intervening period.

Fray Juan Crespi
We passed through the valley of Santa Margarita without stopping, and went in six leagues' travel to the valley of San Juan Capistrano, following a road over sloping hills. We
saw in the canyons that terminate in the valley, several lagoons which we did not see in July on the way up.

  • On January 16 Portola left San Fernando Valley by Cahuenga Pass, and camped near its mouth north of Hollywood; on the 7th he camped at the San Gabriel River near Bassett; on the 18th, instead of recrossing Puente Hills through La Habra, he followed the San Qabriel till near Whittier, then struck southeastward to his old camp on the Santa Ana near Olive. From there the northward route was retraced to San Diego, but as the homeward marches were now long, several of the old camps were passed without stopping. On January 21 camp was apparently on San Onofre Creek. several lagoons which we did not see in July on the way up.

January 21 To San Onofre Creek.
January 23 To San Dieguito Creek and Valley (July 15).