Sunday, January 21, 1770
To San Onofre Creek.

Gaspar de Portolá
The 21st, we proceeded for about five hours over the road by which we had come, which was necessary because there was less water than on the outward journey.

Miguel Costansó
From Santa María Magdalena or Cañada del Incendio we went to the Cañada del Bautismo. We found the watering place dried up and we had to go farther in search of water. We found it in a stream within a canyon, a little more than a league from the Cañada del Bautismo. There was enough pasture and firewood. March to the water, 4 leagues.

Fray Juan Crespi
After we two had said Mass and the men had heard it, the march was ordered and we left the camp. Arriving at the arroyo of San Apolinar we found it dry and the village deserted, for which reason we could not find out whether or not the two sick children whom we baptized on the way up had died, and it was necessary for us to go on in search of water, which we found in an arroyo in a valley a little more than a league farther on, with sufficient pasture and firewood. The march covered four leagues.

January 20 To San Juan Canyon (July 23).
January 22 To San Luis Rey River (July 18-19).