Thursday, January 18, 1770

To Santa Ana River, near Olive (July 28).

Gaspar de Portolá
The 18th, we proceeded for about six hours by a different route; as it was shorter, we made the same distance as in three marches on the outward journey.

Miguel Costansó
We set out through the mouth of the Valle de San Miguel which is very thickly wooded. For a long time we continued to the southwest following the river which, rising in a large spring in the same opening, merits the name we gave it. Its banks are covered with willows and some small poplars. We forded the river and reached level ground, travelling to the southeast as far as the Río de los Temblores; this we likewise forded. It carried more water than the Porciúncula. We covered six long leagues on this day's march.

Fray Juan Crespi
We started out in the morning through the gap of the valley of San Miguel, which is very full of trees. We traveled a long while to the southeast on the edge of the stream,
which, rising from a copious spring of water in the same gap, merits now the name of river; its plain is covered with willows and some slender cotton woods. We forded the river and traveled over level land toward the southeast to the river named El Bio de Jesus de los Temblores, which we also forded, and which carries more water at present than the
Porciuncula. We made in this march six leagues.

January 17 To San Gabriel River, near Bassett (July 30).
January 19 To Tomato Spring (July 26).