Wednesday, January 17, 1770
To San Gabriel River, near Bassett (July 30).

Gaspar de Portolá
The 17th, we proceeded for about five hours, making the same distance as in two marches on the previous journey, and came out on the Llano de la Puente, opposite the great sierra of snow covered mountains, and crossed the river which is called the Porcitincula.

Miguel Costansó
On entering the plain we saw towards the east a chain of mountains covered with snow, which we had also seen on entering the Cañada de Santa Clara.From the low hills which we were leaving we likewise saw the Río de la Porciúncula or, at least, the fringe of trees lining its banks. Hence it was only necessary to direct our course towards it, crossing the plain towards the southeast. We reached the river and forded it; observing from the sand, rubbish, fallen trees, and pools on both sides that there had been, a few days before, a great freshet which had caused it to overflow its banks. We proceeded for three leagues more, as far as the Valle de San Miguel, and halted there in the same place we had occupied on July 30.

Fray Juan Crespi

We set out from the place in the morning, and as soon as we entered the plain we saw a bare chain of mountains covered with snow, which we descried on entering the valley
of Santa Clara; from the hills we also saw the Porciiincula River. We crossed the plain in a south-easterly direction, arrived at the river, and forded it, observing on its sands rubbish, fallen trees, and pools on either side, for a few days previously there had been a great flood which had caused it to leave its bed. We traveled three leagues farther, to the valley of San Miguel, and there we halted in the same place where we had camped on the 30th of July.

January 16 To Near the Hollywood Freeway and Franklin Avenue.
January 18 To Santa Ana River, near Olive (July 28).

The camps from January 1 to January 15 were as follows:
SanAntonio Creek on January 1;
near Surf on January 2;
Pedernales Point on January 3;
Canada del Cojo on January 4;
Arroyo del Bullito on January 5;
Gaviota on January 6;
Tajiguas Creek on January 7;
Dos Pueblos Creek near Naples on January 8;
the lagoon at Mescal Island on January 9;
Carpinteria on January 10;
Ventura on January 11;
Santa Clara Valley near Camarillo on January 12;
Potrero Valley on January 13;
Kussell Valley on January 14;
Triunfo Canyon opens into the valley from the south. The guide had misled them into the Santa Monica Mountains ; through Calabazas Pass into San Fernando Valley on the 15th (camp was near Encino).