Tuesday, January 16, 1770
To Near the Hollywood Freeway and Franklin Avenue.

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 16th, we traveled for four hours, taking a road different from that by which we had come. We halted where there was a small watering place, having, on the way, come to a village of about sixty natives.

Miguel Costansó
We now proceeded with a better knowledge of the country and, knowing where we were going, we discussed the direction we had to follow with greater certainty; besides this, the mountains furnished us points and determined places which served as landmarks to ascertain our position. Thus we greatly shortened our road. From Los Robles, without leaving the same valley, we continued to the southeast, and, instead of passing in an easterly direction over the mountain range which borders it, and over the road we followed on our outward journey, we cut across the mountain range in a southeasterly direction without losing any ground. Fortune also aided us, allowing us to find a gorge which permitted our passage without difficulty to the plain of the Ojo de Agua de los Alisos. We were now free of all the obstructions of the mountains, as from this point the country is level as far as San Diego. We made three leagues and a half on this day's march and halted among some low hills on the edge of the mountain range, a little way from a stream which sinks into the sand not far from its source.

Fray Juan Crespi
From this place, without leaving the valley, we went on to the southeast, and instead of crossing the mountains which encircle it to the east by the same road as the other time,
we cut across them by the southeast without losing ground. We were aided by our good fortune in discovering a pass which opened the way for us to the plain of Los Alisos. In this march we made three and a half leagues and camped among some hills at the outlet from the range, somewhat distant from a small arroyo which sinks into the sand near
its source.

January 15 To Los Encinos State Historical Park (Aug. 5-6).
January 17 To San Gabriel River, near Bassett (July 30).